Monday, July 11, 2016

Things Painted and my Garden Tubs

This is a table top that I painted

This rocking chair had been painted black so I painted it red and covered the seat with Laurel Burch fabric

This is an old fiberglass cow tank that a farmer gave me and it is now my big garden spot.  This was about 2 weeks ago.  Wait till you see it now.

Trying to lay out quilt blocks on my bed but I always have this guy by my side helping.

These are horse feeders that I purchased to use as part of my garden.  When my son-in-law gets around to thinning out their strawberry patch this will be my strawberry patch.  Do you see that I'm trying to have everything at a height that I can weed it easily and not have to do a lot of bending down?  I'm so happy I did this!!

This is my old dresser that is now in the living room to hold the tv.  Like my tv?  I said I'd never have a 50" tv but I went into Target and this was on sale for $242.00 and the picture was great.  I asked why it was so low and the kid didn't know.  He brought it out and said that there should not have been a sale sign on this tv but since there had been he would give it to me at that price.  Savings - $150.00!!  I don't have cable anymore but this has Netflix and other options right on the remote. The cats has a tv on the floor to the right to watch videos and they love them.  On the left are some of the cat toys.

This dresser was bad looking when I bought it for $4.00 at a garage sale.  I cleaned it up, primed and painted it and it is so nice now.  This is for my granddaughters room that may soon become the bedroom for an exchange student.  I painted the walls, we took up the carpet and pad and it looks great.

All for now!!

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