Saturday, July 09, 2016

Scrap Quilts, Selvedge Quilt and the County Fair

These four block are strip blocks I did yesterday.  I'm trying to use scraps!!

                         This is a top I'm starting with tiny scraps, orphan blocks, etc.  The photo isn't the best as I had put out a white sheet and of course the cat had to be under it!!
                   This is another piece I'm working on to attach to the piece above.  IT's easier to work on                       smaller pieces.
                    This is my small selvedge quilt that I made to put in the Quilt Show so that people can see that everything is useful!!
                  This is the back of the selvedge quilt that I had professionally quilted.  She used white thread over the blocks and then black on the sashing.  Back is beautiful but again the lump is the cat!
                                         This is my helper that has to be into everything!!  He's a sweet 16 pounder!!
I'm retiring in about 6 weeks and I plan on being more active on my blog again.  I need to take a lot of other photos of quilts that are done and some that need to be quilted as well as they just need the binding.  I don't mind hand stitching the binding but I hate sewing it on.
A sunny day in southern Indiana today and this afternoon the Columbus Evening Star Quilt Guild will be at the fair to demonstrate what we do and invite others to join us.  We also have a Facebook page that will get more active shortly.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!!

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