Sunday, July 31, 2016

Trip to Brown County Indiana

I like to take photos as I drive.  I just point and shoot with one hand and drive with the other.  This was taken on Highway 46 going west from Columbus to Nashville Indiana.  The sky is beautiful at about 4:30pm.

Another driving photo

My Co-pilot

As we were walking around we saw this cute baby bunny in the weeds

Kat, Sa and Josie.
Sa is from Thailand and will live with me for ten months while she goes to high school.  She's a junior.

This is such a cute sign with the moss on the roof

This is shadows down a space between buildings that I thought were interesting.  Quilt?

A leaf sculpture downtown

In the state park the views are amazing

This is one of the look outs that you go up to the top level where you can see for a long way

                                         Top and bottom are more views of the park

The park has a lodge where you can stay and an indoor water park.  We'll do that in the winter.

This is a two leaves that we saw that were covered in little worms.  None of the other leaves had and worms.  I thought this was interesting.
No sewing but count down to retirement.  I work 30 hours per week and I have three more weeks.  I can't wait to really get into quilting and doing my own thing!!!  Have a great day/evening!!!