Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Scrap Quilting, Cats and a Road Trip

There is a lady in my guild that makes beautiful quilts out of bits and pieces.  That's what I'm working on when I have a minute.  Right now I'm doing a lot of binding to get some quilts ready for our local quilt show that is coming up the first weekend in October.

Sweetie Pie is just the sweetest

Buddy just needs to be petted all the time and is always into something he shouldn't be!

These are photos for a little road trip we took on Saturday.  I just drive, point my camera and shoot.  Sometimes I get what I hoped for and this time I wanted the barn.  Love old barns.

The soy beans are looking great.

The sky was amazing on this hot day!

Corn is drying up and it won't be long until the farmers will be in the fields.  Looks like a great crop !

This one I got part of the barn.

Trafalgar is a tiny burg

Straight shot down the road

 I'm going to attend my first Day Guild meeting this morning.  I can do this now that I'm retired.  The Day Guild has I think 70 plus members but the Evening Guild has 20 plus but we are growing!!

Friday I'll go to the Quilt Show in Rising Sun Indiana.  They are having it on a Casino Boat!  I had signed up for a fabric dying class but not enough people signed up - very disappointed!  I've been in contact with the instructor and she lives a little over an hour from me so I'm going to see if some other people would like to go to her studio for lessons on fabric dying.

I hope everyone is having a great week.