Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life Gets In The Way In Latvia

We returned last week from a mission trip to Latvia and Norway.  
The photo below is close to the Old Town in Riga
                                         This is my granddaughter and I in Jurmla and she waded out into the Baltic                                             sea
                                         These are some of the people from Latvia and some  that
                                          were part of our team
                                          This is the back of a former orphanage in Cesis that is now
                                           being turned into a camp for kids.  We did a one day camp
                                           and this is part of a play that was put on

This is a teacher friend and my granddaughter looking at post cards and books in Riga

We all enjoyed Latvia and we were in four cities while we were there.  We always felt safe and would highly recommend the country for visiting.  We would love to go back again and stay longer. The trees are amazing with how tall they are and it's because there is daylight for about 22 hours per day.  It is so green and lush with lots of wild flowers and the best part is no bugs!!  No one has screens on their windows and in fact they had never heard of screens.  We did find some mosquito's in the woods and they are huge but so slow that you can swat them.
 I cannot say the same for Oslo Norway but more on that later.