Sunday, October 16, 2016

Quilt Show 2016 Boutique Set Up

Several of us came in and priced all the items for the Boutique and I was worried that we would not have enough items!!  It took about 8 people 2.5 hours to price and pack!  We had wonderful items!!!!

                               This was the start of setting up at the Quilt Show venue on one side of the entry
                              This is part of our Silent Auction set up (We made $1,100 on items made by guild                                 members!!)
                                More tables set up waiting for people to purchase items!

                                Lots of hand made items
                                It's a hard area to work with and we have these cases in back of the tables
                               These two quilts were part of the silent auction and the red one went for $125 and                                 the New York Beauty went for $275

                               I know this is side ways but I loved this floral wall hanging!!  I was out bid!!

                                Lot's of variety!!
                                Decorations were done by my friend that doesn't even sew!!

                                 We had plenty of inventory
                                Lot's or purses!!
                               Is this not the cutest pin cushion!!  It went for $35.00
                                The evening guild was in charge of the Boutique and I think we did a great job
                                and even with Sunday being half price for most items we made over $2,100!!
                                This is the most that we've ever made at the Boutique and the Silent Auction.
                                I'm not sure anyone is that interested but this is for me to remember while still
                                fresh in my mind.