Thursday, August 13, 2015

Some Blogs that I find Interesting

I'm going through some of the sites that have lots of blogs you can click over to and these are some that I really like and they have some great tutorials.  These are just some of the blogs that I like.

Since I don't seem to be able to blog much lately there may be no one to check these out.  I hope some people will click on these as there are some very talented people out there.

Hope to be back soon!!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Life Gets In The Way In Latvia

We returned last week from a mission trip to Latvia and Norway.  
The photo below is close to the Old Town in Riga
                                         This is my granddaughter and I in Jurmla and she waded out into the Baltic                                             sea
                                         These are some of the people from Latvia and some  that
                                          were part of our team
                                          This is the back of a former orphanage in Cesis that is now
                                           being turned into a camp for kids.  We did a one day camp
                                           and this is part of a play that was put on

This is a teacher friend and my granddaughter looking at post cards and books in Riga

We all enjoyed Latvia and we were in four cities while we were there.  We always felt safe and would highly recommend the country for visiting.  We would love to go back again and stay longer. The trees are amazing with how tall they are and it's because there is daylight for about 22 hours per day.  It is so green and lush with lots of wild flowers and the best part is no bugs!!  No one has screens on their windows and in fact they had never heard of screens.  We did find some mosquito's in the woods and they are huge but so slow that you can swat them.
 I cannot say the same for Oslo Norway but more on that later.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lazy Sunday with Buddy Boy

This is the kind of day that Buddy Boy and I are having.  The sun is shining but it's very cold outside.  I have the heater on in the sewing room and will work out there in a while.
                                         Look at that BIG yawn!!
                                          Did I say you could take pictures of me?  I think he's sticking out his                                                     tongue
                                            I need my sleep!!!
Friday Night the girls spent the night and this 
is Josie eating her grilled cheese for breakfast.
Below is Kat giving me that look!!

we had a good time and next week-end they will spend the week-end in Indianapollis at the Anmie (sp?) convention.  Guess who is charge of the animals while they're gone?  They just got baby chicks and they are in a box in the house and I've never taken care of baby chicks before!!!
Have a great day and I hope the sun is shining where ever you are!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

This is a quilt top that still needs to be quilted.  I love the simplicity of this and all the colors.  I was using blocks that I had and this is just going to be a utility quilt.  My goal is to get it quilted this year.

I love love modern blocks

 In our guild this year we are going to have a Crazy Quilt challenge.  We can make a quilt block, small quilt, purse, bag, clothing item, etc.  At our Christmas party in December we will do a Show & Tell of what we have completed or started.  The block above is from a quilt on display at the Bloomington Indiana Quilt Show in 2013 or 2014.

 Laurel Burch is one of my favorite designers.  She passed away several years ago but so far I can't cut into all that fabric that I have from her collections.  Anyone else like that???  This is a quilt from the same quilt show.
 Above is the nasty chair bottom and below is it recovered chair from some fabric I purchased when I was in Brazil, South America.

 Above are some wild turkeys and below is a deer at Clifty Falls State Park in Madison Indiana

This is a photo of two of my friends when we went on a Shop Hop last year.  We were at a shop that was a log cabin in Kentucky in this photo.  The red head now lives in St. Louis Missouri but the one on the right is still in cahoots with me.

I have a few photos from a guild meeting last night but I need to down load them on this computer and I can't remember how!!!  I'll figure it out soon.

Have a great day or evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2015

Happy New Year 2015!!

I wanted to start this blog as a way to highlight what the quilt guild is up to and also all of the crazy projects I'm always up to my ears in.  I have a lot of interests and I need a way to keep track of what I'm doing.  I'm not always good at finishing items so I have waaaay too many UFO's.  I'm also trying to become more organized in my life.  That is a goal for 2015.

Our quilt guild is Evening Star Quilters, Columbus Indiana, we meet the second Tuesday of the month at Mill Race Center starting at 7:00pm.  We try to have demonstrations most months and we always have amazing show and tell.  I love show and tell!!  Talk about "Awesome Items" these ladies have such talent.  We'd love to have you join us.

  This is my yellow, black and white quilt blocks that are now completed and just need binding.  I DO NOT like binding!  I envy people who love that part.  Some of these blocks were made by me and some were traded in Bees.  I'll show you the finished quilt soon.
 This is not the best photo but I collect :aurel Burch fabric.  I love the colors and whimsy.  Laurel Burch passed away a few years ago but the love of her fabric is going strong.

This is the first (short) post of many that I hope to add.  Have a wonderful first day of 2015.