Saturday, April 16, 2016

Chicago 2016 International Quilt Show

This is one of my friends that went

We felt like this as we were tired so this  lady had the right idea.
The following is just a few of the quilts.

They had sooo many vendors and I'll take photos of some of my buys.  We all purchased a lot of things!!
We have never come to this show as we always went to Cincinnati Ohio which was a better show.  We did like the Chicago show and will go again.  This week-end is Paduka KY but we are talking about going to that one next year.  You need to find a place to stay a year ahead of time.
Yesterday another friend of mine and I went to Madison IN and they have a small quilt show.  We enjoyed that one and they had some old quilts up.  I'll get those downloaded an show you.
Beautiful Saturday morning and I'll work in the yard today.
Have a great week-end!!!!!!!!!!!!