Friday, October 14, 2016

Busy Retirement and post #1 on quilt shows

We had our Bi-Annual Quilt Show the first week-end in October.  The show went so well!  We had lots of visitors, teams all worked well together, our Boutique sold a thousand dollars more than it had ever sold.  It was an exhausting three days but so much fun!!!!!!
The following quilts are some that were in the show.  They are in no order but the first one here took all of the ribbons.  I love everything about the quilt!

                                                   My friend made the quilt below - it's a Stack and Whack

                                                      The one below is the large quilt that I put in
                                                      and I call it City Scape Reflected
                                                      The reflected came where I sewed the last row on
                                                      wrong and decided that would be the reflection

                                    This is a group of friends that sew together and made these flowers

                                        This is hand drawn, with hand embroidery and is about 12"x12"
                                         That I did.
This is a little 12"x12" I did with scraps

The following quilt I made with selvages.

I hope everyone is having a good week.  It's fall break here but we haven't done much.  It is getting cooler all the time and I love the fall.
Have a great week!!!

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Susan said...

Thanks for the quilt show tour! Even though your last row is upside down, it works. Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers