Sunday, July 24, 2016

Garden Update, Welcome Sa, Flower Throw and a Christmas Throw

I showed a photo of what my garden looked like three weeks ago on another post.  This is what it looks like now!!

This is the horse feeder I'm using and it is really growing.  I think I this will become a strawberry area.

                                         Some of my Gerber Daisies - Love them!
                                        I took this to Monday night sewing and I think I'll put the
                                        bright pink as the border and the other tan and pink as the backing.  This
                                        was made several years ago and never finished.  I'll show you when it's
                                         My granddaughters with the sign they made for Sa who will be
                                         my exchange student for the next 10 months.  Sa is from
                                         Thailand and she is so sweet.  She fits right into our family.
                                         This is another throw that was made a long time ago.
                                          I had to do some ripping out and resewing to make the
                                          rows the way that I wanted.  I'm thinking about doing something fall
                                          or Halloween so it can be reverse able.

                                          Have a GREAT week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Susan Lenz said...

Thanks so very much for the nice comment on my blog regarding my recently finished sculptural garment that incorporates anonymous, vintage photos. Your reaction is exactly what the upcoming solo installation is meant to do. I want others to wonder about these nameless faces, about their thoughts and lives and loves and all the stories they could have told. Much of my work includes "found objects" as I think these old, neglected items truly suggest a narrative. I don't know if you've seen my TEDx video or not, but you'd likely appreciate it on so many levels. It is all about making plans for precious possessions ... thinking about legacy in the next generation and decisions about sentimental things and who/how/where/when/what to do with them. It also features many other pieces of my artwork.
Thanks! Susan

Angie in SoCal said...

Two very nice projects, Judy. It's so good to see a garden green; mine is brown for all the triple digit weather and drought. So nice of you to sponsor Sa. Blessings

Susan said...

Your garden is thriving magnificently! I'm jealous! Love the colors in the blocks you've got going - a garden itself! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers