Sunday, April 17, 2016

Madison Indiana Quilt Show and Scenery

This is a small quilt show with maybe 50 quilts.  Extremely nice ladies and I like to support thier show.  They also make a quilt that is raffled off and use the money for scholarships.  I did forget to take a photo of the Raffle Quilt and it was very pretty.  Maybe I'll win?
The first two quilts are from the 1970's and they had more but not all of the photos came out.  This is in a building at their fairgrounds and it's dark

I loved this quilt as it is all hand embrodiery in black.  The following 5 photos show some of the blocks close up.  

The quilt below was maybe a queen size quilt and all these blocks are 1"

Madison is on the river and they have a wonderful walking area with benches.  This is a restuarant that is open in the summer and they were trying to get everything hooked up.

This area is across the river and in Kentucky.  It looks like a lot of people have cabins there.

This is the bridge that crosses from Indiana into Kentucky

This is a photo of the lovely walkway along the river

The next two show you what a beautful sky and day we had

A closer view of the tug boat trying to get everything hooked up for the restuarant

This crow was enjoying the day on the rock wall around the Lanier House

The last two photos are of the Lanier Home that faces the river.  They have tours of the home and in the summer I think they have concerts on that lovely lawn.  I've toured this haouse several years ago and it's history is very interesting.  I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Have a great day!!!

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